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Embrace Your Passion!

-  I'm a Professional producer, DJ, Master of ceremonies and over 25 years have provided the music and production for hundreds concerts, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, private and special parties in NYC, Las Vegas,  Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami...  

Live Life in Song

!!!Remember you get  what you pay for. 

I've been to so many cool party. Don't skimp on the DJ/MC.  No one's going to remember the food. They will  however remember of they  had a good time. The DJ/MC is one of the most  important things. The DJ/MC runs your event for the most part. 

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Be Inspired by Everything

Music is my life! And my life motto: Living is an art! Be creative! My  show - it's socialization with people  who I give joy! I'm super  friendly and reliable, energetic and  understands what the crowd wants  to hear. I play all music genres and  styles. I will create perfect play  lists on your request. Very  professional sound, light and a great  show.

The mystery and the magic of the Celebration...



The mystery and the magic of the Celebration. When in the empty venue, according to the director's stroke, beautiful light-color images appear, the room is gradually filled with the spirit of joy and awesome mood, elation. 

How I like it!

And at midnight, as in that fairy tale, the facility, which has not yet cooled off from the music, becomes empty again.

#DJmorgunoff #AndreMorgunoff #EscapeFromReality


New very specialproduct

DJMorgunoff - Another day

I am sure the holiday mood, heat, sunlight, beautiful people nearby increase the positivity of the music. My goal is to cheer you up. Another track from my upcoming album Nu-Disco@116bpm - "Another Day". Enjoy the show.  

#DJmorgunoff #AndreMorgunoff #EscapeFromReality