Are you ready #EscapeFromReality with #DJmorgunoff ?

The mystery and the magic of the Celebration...



The mystery and the magic of the Celebration. When in the empty venue, according to the director's stroke, beautiful light-color images appear, the room is gradually filled with the spirit of joy and awesome mood, elation. 

How I like it!

And at midnight, as in that fairy tale, the facility, which has not yet cooled off from the music, becomes empty again.

#DJmorgunoff #AndreMorgunoff #EscapeFromReality


DJMorgunoff - Another day

I am sure the holiday mood, heat, sunlight, beautiful people nearby increase the positivity of the music. My goal is to cheer you up. Another track from my upcoming album Nu-Disco@116bpm - "Another Day". Enjoy the show.  

#DJmorgunoff #AndreMorgunoff #EscapeFromReality